Casa 13, Shanghai, China

Taikang Road or Tianzifang, call it as it pleases you, is packed with international restaurants, most of them offering great venues but average food.

Casa 13, stuck in a small alley, is an exception and got the right mix. The restaurant is housed in a charming townhouse with a cosy bar area on the ground floor and the restaurant spread on the three upper floors.

The lunch deal gets you one starter/one main or one main/one dessert with a glass of wine or soft drink as well as coffee and tea for RMB88.
The food is tasty and well presented and the complimentary bread will give you a great start. The service was discreet but a bit slow, even though we were the only customers.

It was my first time and I will surely not make it my last. Heard their brunch was great – a good reason to go back. Stay tuned!


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBeef CarpaccioImagePumpkin SoupImage


Casa 13
Tianzifang, lane 155, Jianguo middle road, Ruijin Road, Shanghai, China
田子坊,弄155号,建国中路, 瑞金路,上海, 中国


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