New York Style Steak and Burger, Shanghai, China

Winner of Shanghai best burger contest, beating Malone’s, Munchies, Carls’ and Bubba’s; I was dying to know what NY Style Steak and Burger was really worth.

And well, I was not disappointed to say the least.

Located in a three-story house in Tianzifang maze, the restaurant is kept simple and the service is slow but we are not here to talk about minor details.

Well, the burgers. THE burgers.
The animals are stuffy, big, with a delicious barbecue sauce poured all over and therefore impossible to eat without staining your white shirt (yes, you always wear a white shirt when eating this type of impossible-to-eat-without-staining-myself food).  French fries are also provided in case you can gulp down more.

Not brave enough to try The Manhattan Monster, I ordered a tasty Damn Yankee, which completely satisfied my hunger for the two following days.  I have to say that I was a bit coveting my friends’ fried onions which were cruelly lacking in mine.

New York Style Steak and Burger will completely fuel your appetite of greasy and unhealthy food but I cannot say it is the best burger of Shanghai. Next stop; Bubba’s?



The Big BlueImageThe Mushroom SwissImageThe Brooklyn BarbecueImage

The Damn Yankee

New York Style Steak and Burger
Tianzifang, 22, lane 55 Jianguo Middle Road, Ruijin Road, Shanghai, China
+86 2164736070

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