Farine Bakery, Shanghai, China

Farine is the Bakery founded by Franck, yes the very same as in Franck, Le Petit Franck and A Côté. Maybe, “Franck Lane” is starting to sound more appropriate than Ferguson Lane. Farine’s main characteristic is that it uses flour (Farine in French) imported straight from France.

D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. One word could fulfill my whole review. But let’s elaborate a bit.

What else to say?
Ok, to be honest, maybe it is the fact that I am painfully missing French bakeries, pain au chocolat and croissant, but having a real “goûter” at Farine was one of my best sweet tooth moments in China.
I just wanted to taste them all to have some reminiscence of France, just a bite and I would have been taken back to Paris. STOP.

So I “just” tried the chocolate cake, the greek yoghurt, the hazelnut and chocolate pain au chocolat and one croissant. To crown it all and to make sure that I would not be able to move for while, I ordered the Hot Chocolate Maison. All were beyond great, crunchy, fresh and not dry.

So now that Shanghai has Farine, who wants/needs to go back to France?








Ferguson Lane, 378 Wukang road, Tai’an road





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