Larder, Shanghai, China

A big fan of Mesa and Manifesto, I decided to test the freshly opened Steve Baker’s restaurant, Larder, an Australian Bar & Grill.

Its set lunch gets you one starter, one main and one dessert, which might have been a bit too much for a lunch so instead we ordered A La Carte, ending up with seabass and chicken. You also need to order sides as there is none provided with the main. We went for asparagus and green beans.
As for the drinks, white wine and freshly-squeezed fruit juice were our last choice. (In the end, I got myself a smoothie, as for some reasons, it was not possible to get some fruits mixed together.)
Not able to choose from the desserts menu, we asked for the Desserts assortment, made of a tasty crème brulée, a dry chocolate cake, some marshmallows and sugary donuts. Sweet tooth was not amazed here.

We also had the chance to be entertained by a pack of gentlemen  guys who were having some great gathering, singing loudly and drinking heavily, giving us the feeling of being right in the middle of a US TV-Show fraternity debauchery.

All in all, Larder is a place where i might go when in the neighborhood but not sure I will head there in purpose. For me, it cannot compete with late Mesa & Manifesto, which I trully miss on sunday.




171 Jianguo middle Road, Ruijing East Road.



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