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Casa 13, Shanghai, China

Taikang Road or Tianzifang, call it as it pleases you, is packed with international restaurants, most of them offering great venues but average food.

Casa 13, stuck in a small alley, is an exception and got the right mix. The restaurant is housed in a charming townhouse with a cosy bar area on the ground floor and the restaurant spread on the three upper floors.

The lunch deal gets you one starter/one main or one main/one dessert with a glass of wine or soft drink as well as coffee and tea for RMB88.
The food is tasty and well presented and the complimentary bread will give you a great start. The service was discreet but a bit slow, even though we were the only customers.

It was my first time and I will surely not make it my last. Heard their brunch was great – a good reason to go back. Stay tuned!


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBeef CarpaccioImagePumpkin SoupImage


Casa 13
Tianzifang, lane 155, Jianguo middle road, Ruijin Road, Shanghai, China
田子坊,弄155号,建国中路, 瑞金路,上海, 中国


Pizza Marzano, Xintiandi Branch, Shanghai, China

Pizza Marzano is Shanghai’s answer to Italian restaurant chains. Imported from UK-based Pizza Express restaurant, the food is said to be Italian but you truly feel the strong English accent (thick crust, dough balls). The portions are big and the dough balls with Nutella are the most worthy diet blunder you could make. A sweettooth favorite!

However, Italian foodistas do not expect to be turned on. For a truly Italian experience yet less expensive head to Salute – but yes you wont find better Nutella dough balls around Shanghai.

We had dinner at the Xintiandi branch and I am not really fond of the decoration: impersonal and dull with bad lighting. It is a good place to hit before a movie night at the nearby UME Cinemas.


ImageInsalata verdeImageGarlic BreadImageBaked Dough ballsImagePenne All’ArrabbiataImageSpaghetti CarbonaraImageFarfalle ai FunghiIMG_4908Dough Balls with Nutella

Pizza Marzano
Xintiandi South Block, Huangpi South Road, Xingye Road, Shanghai, China
新天地,南里,黄陂南路, 兴业路,上海,中国

The Glamour Bar, Shanghai, China

In a city where bars abound, it is often hard to find the right place offering both tasteful cocktails (or at least without fake alcohol) and a pleasant ambiance. A place where good music but where you can actually talk without bursting the eardrum of your friend.

Well, look no further and head straight to The Glamour Bar.
Founded by Michelle Garnaut, the very same owner of M on the Bund and Beijing Capital M, The Glamour Bar recipe is as perfect as its cocktails’ ones – chic yet laid back, lively yet soothing. Oh, did I forget to mention that there is a stunning view on the Pudong skyline that you can freely admire from the plush and comfy club sofas.

Tips: The Lichee Martini is to-die-for!

A real Glamour(ous) experience and a SweettoothinChina favorite!


IMG_4711 IMG_4712 IMG_4715 IMG_4720 IMG_4721 IMG_4722 IMG_4723

The Glamour Bar
5 on the Bund, 6th Floor
20, Guangdong road, Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai, China
广东20号,中山东一路, 上海,中国

Dr. Wine, Shanghai, China

A welcoming atmosphere and an extensive wine selection are to be expected at Dr Wine. Pizza, pasta and cheese platters – for the homesick Frenchies and Swiss – will satiate your hunger.

A nice place to catch up with friends around a good glass of wine!

Tip: Try to book as the place is often crowded.




Four Season Pizza IMG_4875 Four cheese PizzaIMG_4874Beef & Cheese Pizza IMG_4872

Pesto Penne IMG_4870Cheese Bruschetta  IMG_4869  Salmon, Tuna and Tomato&Mozzarella verrines

Dr. Wine
177, Fumin road, Julu Road, Shanghai, China
177号富民路,巨鹿路, 上海,中国

New York Style Steak and Burger, Shanghai, China

Winner of Shanghai best burger contest, beating Malone’s, Munchies, Carls’ and Bubba’s; I was dying to know what NY Style Steak and Burger was really worth.

And well, I was not disappointed to say the least.

Located in a three-story house in Tianzifang maze, the restaurant is kept simple and the service is slow but we are not here to talk about minor details.

Well, the burgers. THE burgers.
The animals are stuffy, big, with a delicious barbecue sauce poured all over and therefore impossible to eat without staining your white shirt (yes, you always wear a white shirt when eating this type of impossible-to-eat-without-staining-myself food).  French fries are also provided in case you can gulp down more.

Not brave enough to try The Manhattan Monster, I ordered a tasty Damn Yankee, which completely satisfied my hunger for the two following days.  I have to say that I was a bit coveting my friends’ fried onions which were cruelly lacking in mine.

New York Style Steak and Burger will completely fuel your appetite of greasy and unhealthy food but I cannot say it is the best burger of Shanghai. Next stop; Bubba’s?



The Big BlueImageThe Mushroom SwissImageThe Brooklyn BarbecueImage

The Damn Yankee

New York Style Steak and Burger
Tianzifang, 22, lane 55 Jianguo Middle Road, Ruijin Road, Shanghai, China
+86 2164736070

Brunch at The Waldorf Astoria, Shanghai, China

After such a majestic high-tea, I was expecting Waldorf Astoria’s sunday brunch to be grandiose.

The feast starts at the famous Long bar. Yes, because at The Waldorf, they are bigger-than-life and you do brunch in not only BUT two different venues.

The Long Bar open the gluttony with oysters, finger foods and – of course – Champagne.  Once bored by too much oysters, we head to the main dining area to witness the food decadence.

As if the buffet was not enough, the Brunch set also gets you one starter, one main and one dessert. Champagne, juices and hot drinks all come along as well. I am a sucker for truffles so I decided to go for a fancy all-truffle set, with black truffle scramble eggs as a starter and truffle & mushrooms spaghettis for the main.
Already thinking how on earth I was going to be able to eat all this food, I tried to keep it reasonable with the buffet. EPIC FAIL but how can you resist? It would have been a real waste not to try a bit of everything; cheese, xiaolongbao, parma ham, veggies, pain au chocolat…
On top of this, my sweet tooth was beyond impressed by the mouth-watering desserts, all of them looking mighty good, which is, I think really uncommon for buffet style food. The Cherry on the cake were the Chocolate fountains (one with white and one with milk chocolate) in which you could dip fruits and marshmallows. A delight.

I think that the A La Carte dishes were not astonishing at all – fairly dull, in spite of the truffles.  The desserts were also tasteless and my waffle was almost to dry to be eaten. But who needs A La Carte when you the buffet is as tasteful as it looks?

All in all, the Waldorf Brunch is a delight but the price (RMB 888 + service fees) directly takes you back on earth.  Despite the oysters and the chocolate fountains, it will not outrank the Puli brunch in my heart – and in my belly- Yet,  for those willing to empty their pockets, it is worth giving it a try.




The Long Bar Finger Food


Egg Benedict


A La Carte Omelet


Scrambled eggs & truffles


Pan seared foie gras


Salmon & CauliflowersMushrooms & truffle spaghettiImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

A la Carte Pancakes


A La Carte French toast


A La Carte Waffles


A Sweet tooth debauchery

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel
1, Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, near Guangdong road, Shanghai, China

Table n1 @ The Waterhouse, Shanghai, China

Hello Shanghairen!

Head to the south of the Bund to explore the unexplored.

“The Cool Docks” is Shanghai self-proclaimed latest trendy district where are located the Waterhouse Hotel and Table n1.

Table n1, by the British Chef Jason Atherton, is set in a bare yet modern dining room with large windows and a subdued atmosphere. Large tables, that you will share if you book for more than two people, manage to give the venue a convivial yet intimate touch.

The service is quick and discreet, with waiters anticipating your every wish; a quality to treasure in China.

The food is innovative and delicious, served in an elegant manner. Special mention to the sauce served on the side and to the mashed potatoes in the pan. The portions are big and there is no need to add sides to the main dishes. After the main, despite being stuffed, I could not have missed the desserts and opted for the Mille-feuille, which will literally turn your head over.
The small surprise arrived with the espresso: a homemade banana lollipop, which sparks in your mouth.

As a whole, Table n1 will impress people looking for new places and seeking something more original than the usual French or Italian restaurants abounding in the city. Not ruining anything, it is still a hidden and confidential gem in the Shanghai dinner scene. To be highly appreciated and without moderation.

Head to the terrace at the end of the dinner to share a few drinks while admiring the view on the Huangpu river.



IMG_4724 IMG_4726 IMG_4727 IMG_4728 IMG_4729 IMG_4730 IMG_4731 IMG_4732 IMG_4734 Marinated Hamachi Prawn with Gazpacho Garnish


Tuna Tartar, Avocado, Sesame


Roasted turbot on the bone, saffron mash, crab salad & salsa verdeIMG_4738

Beef Cheek, Oxtail, Smoked Mash & Carrots IMG_4740

Seared Sea bass, broccolini and spanish rice

IMG_4742 IMG_4743

Passion Fruit Mille-feuille with grilled mango and pineapple


Espresso & THE banana lollipop

Table n1
The Waterhouse Hotel
1-3 Maojiayuan road, zhongshan south road, Shanghai, China
上海市黄浦区毛家园路1-3号, 上海,中国
+86 21 60802918

Farine Bakery, Shanghai, China

Farine is the Bakery founded by Franck, yes the very same as in Franck, Le Petit Franck and A Côté. Maybe, “Franck Lane” is starting to sound more appropriate than Ferguson Lane. Farine’s main characteristic is that it uses flour (Farine in French) imported straight from France.

D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. One word could fulfill my whole review. But let’s elaborate a bit.

What else to say?
Ok, to be honest, maybe it is the fact that I am painfully missing French bakeries, pain au chocolat and croissant, but having a real “goûter” at Farine was one of my best sweet tooth moments in China.
I just wanted to taste them all to have some reminiscence of France, just a bite and I would have been taken back to Paris. STOP.

So I “just” tried the chocolate cake, the greek yoghurt, the hazelnut and chocolate pain au chocolat and one croissant. To crown it all and to make sure that I would not be able to move for while, I ordered the Hot Chocolate Maison. All were beyond great, crunchy, fresh and not dry.

So now that Shanghai has Farine, who wants/needs to go back to France?








Ferguson Lane, 378 Wukang road, Tai’an road




High Tea at the Waldorf Astoria, Shanghai, China

What a better way to spend a cold saturday afternoon than relaxing in one of the majestic salon of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, peeking at the Bund while sipping green tea and savoring delicious English scones?

The Waldorf Astoria is hosted in a grandiose town-house right on the Bund. As soon as you entered through the imposing wrought iron doors, looking right at the huge Christmas tree surrounded by a whole Christmas village in Chocolate (!), you realize how good your time promises to be…

Served in a cosy and intimate salon, the high-tea is a feast mixing english scones, jams, salmon sandwich, quiche, chocolate cake, macarons and other tasty delicacies.
They refill the plates if you ask them to do so, what a delicate attention.

I could have stayed there forever, listening to the sound of harp, observing the mannered and refined guests, and thinking about nothing but the little lemon tart that was eyeing me up…not for long though…


P.S: I kindly recommend to start the “Waldorf Experience” entering through the Bund entrance, as there is another one in Sichuan road.


The Waldorf Astoria
1, Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, near Guangdong Road, Shanghai, China
中山东一路,广东路, 上海, 中国

Larder, Shanghai, China

A big fan of Mesa and Manifesto, I decided to test the freshly opened Steve Baker’s restaurant, Larder, an Australian Bar & Grill.

Its set lunch gets you one starter, one main and one dessert, which might have been a bit too much for a lunch so instead we ordered A La Carte, ending up with seabass and chicken. You also need to order sides as there is none provided with the main. We went for asparagus and green beans.
As for the drinks, white wine and freshly-squeezed fruit juice were our last choice. (In the end, I got myself a smoothie, as for some reasons, it was not possible to get some fruits mixed together.)
Not able to choose from the desserts menu, we asked for the Desserts assortment, made of a tasty crème brulée, a dry chocolate cake, some marshmallows and sugary donuts. Sweet tooth was not amazed here.

We also had the chance to be entertained by a pack of gentlemen  guys who were having some great gathering, singing loudly and drinking heavily, giving us the feeling of being right in the middle of a US TV-Show fraternity debauchery.

All in all, Larder is a place where i might go when in the neighborhood but not sure I will head there in purpose. For me, it cannot compete with late Mesa & Manifesto, which I trully miss on sunday.




171 Jianguo middle Road, Ruijing East Road.