Azul Tapas Lounge, Shanghai

Less than two years ago, during my first stay in Shanghai, (Oh Lord, time is flying so fast) Azul was rated one of the best brunch deal in Shanghai and I have to say that while the food was quite good (especially the burgers) the place was not.

Since Azul was “re-pimped” and treated itself with a brand new venue on the posh & trendy Ferguson lane alongside Franck Restaurant & Co, I decided to give it a second try.

First, the venue is beyond comparison with the old one. While the previous one, was a tiny place sharing more features with a corridor than with a real restaurant, the new one boasts a luminous and spacious dining room with an amazing terrace (which I did not try, because of the temperature which approximates -1000 degrees at the moment).

Azul is supposedly a latin/peruvian/spanish tapas – restaurant so I was quite surprised to find some Maghreb/ Moroccan style dishes such as couscous or chicken Tajine. Still a bit confused.

The brunch menu (saturday and sunday) gets you one starter, one main and one beverage (smoothie,  fresh juices, etc…) for 138RMB; a real good deal.

We started with the Salmon crepes and the Banana Pancakes and moved on with the Spanish Omelet and the Curry chicken, all quite tasty. Special mention to the omelet which was one of the most original I have ever tasted, yet delicious and a good saturday hangover cure. “Adventurous” foodie  friends give it a try!
As a drink I wanted to order a smoothie but for some reasons, they were not able to provide one and finally ordered a freshly squeezed  juice.
I am a bit bewildered by how it can become quite challenging to order either a smoothie or a juice. (cf Larder post)

Regarding the dessert part, I have to say that we were quite disappointed by what was offered and decided to stop our Azul experience there. [I have to confide : Having noticed the mouth-watering Farine bakery {Post to come soon} downstairs also pressed our choice not to order dessert at Azul and to keep some space to try their delicious french delicacies]

Altogether I would say that Brunch at Azul is a great experience. The food is tasty, the place is bright and relaxing and not ruining anything, it is good-value. I would definitely go back to Azul, maybe in order to try the terrace and their dinner menu.

IMG_4693 IMG_4694  Banana pancakesIMG_4695 Salmon CrepesIMG_4696  The Spanish OmeletIMG_4697 Curry ChickenIMG_4698 IMG_4699

Ferguson Lane
8/F, 378 Wukang Lu, near Hunan Lu
武康路378号8楼, 近湖南路

Tel: 5405 2252


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