Shanghai Biennale/Reactivation & Tea time at the Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China

On sunday, after an astonishing and delicious brunch at Puli’s Jing’an restaurant (see post below), I decided to attend some cultural activities and headed to Shanghai’s Biennale at the Power Station of Art.

Stretched on six floors, the art exhibition displays nothing and everything; art sculptures, movies, paintings or performances from home and abroad. It took us almost two hours to get around the whole area at a quite normal pace. We are no art experts and were mostly wandering and looking around. The biggest part of the exhibition is free but for the last floor exhibition, “Electic Fields” you have to pay an entry fee.

Even if it cannot yet compete with NYC or Paris exhibitions, it is quite impressive to see such a display of art in China, especially for free. Great way to spend a sunday afternoon.
One remark though : The captions are really small and way too long, so prepare some magnifying glasses and to fight with people sticked to the captions if you want to read them all.

It is on until end of March.

 Lane 20, Huayuangang Lu, Near Miaojiang Lu, Huangpu district
黄浦区花园港路20弄, 近苗江路

Tired of strolling around, we went to the Peace Hotel for a well-deserved tea break. Still stuffed from the Brunch, we just had tea and no high tea, despite the fact that it was looking mighty good.
Savoring my Ginger Springer cup of tea in such a soothing atmosphere was everything we needed. The place is set in the golden era of Shanghai and the waitresses are wearing typical qipaos. You really do feel relaxed and lost in time.

One and only remark : For this kind of high-end hotel, one will expect every single detail to be perfect. Well, the hand towels in paper in the majestic bathrooms were a big miss.


Peace Hotel Shanghai
Nanjing East Road 20, Zhongshan East one Road



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