Fu 1039, Shanghai, China

Looking for a chinese restaurant to take some out-of-town family, I was always browsing the same results ; Din Tai Fung, South Beauty or Lost Heaven. Don’t misunderstand me here, I like those three places but I was looking for something more; a nice place yet with a real Chinese vibe and tasty traditional Shanghainese food.

Then I found Fu 1039.

First, the venue. Located in a small alley in the french concession, you enter in an magnificent old house right from Shanghai golden colonial era with a pianist entertaining guests with delicate music.
The interior setting is nice and kept simple (which might be for the best).

The service is also really good by all standards, friendly and professional. They also can speak english and provide good recommendations, which is quite helpful when seeing all the dishes they have. (And NO pictures friends!)

Now the food. Well, I don’t want to sound too ecstatic, but God that was good. It is typical shanghainese food.  The sweet and sour chicken, the beef, the xiaolongbao (Shanghai dumplings) the pork and the veggies were all super tasty and yummy.
But my biggest hit were the shrimps, HANDS DOWN. Might be the best I ever had… in my life…I have never tasted such a thing here in China because I am quite positive about the fact that the sauce was made of mustard, and since when do they use this in Chinese cuisine?

Even though we were stuffed, we were dying to try the desserts, the sago and the peanut ice cream, and they were not deceiving. Here was another surprise. As everyone knows, chinese food is not really highly recognized for its desserts (from a european point of view I mean).
On top of all, they have a quite long selection of wines, local and from abroad.

Totally recommending this place, without any hesitation, and trust me on this one : Order the shrimps!

ImagebeefImageImageImageThe clay porkImageSweet and sour chickenImage“mustard” shrimpsImageImage

1039 Yuyuan Lu, near Jiangsu Lu / 愚园路1039号, 近江苏路
+86 21 5237 1878


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