Brunch @ The Jing’An Puli, Shanghai, China

As everyone knows, sunday is holy day, in Shanghai it is Brunch Day. You can definitely observe that by browsing all the brunch offered  all over town.
Westin is a long time favorite and supposed to be one of the best in town. From now on,  I would give my vote for the Puli though. Without any comparison.

The Jing’An restaurant is located in the japanese-style and zen-vibes Puli Hotel. Boasting wooden furnitures and water fountains, the decor is to die for and this is indubitably the kind of place you are looking for to spend your sunday.

The restaurant is peaceful and quite, you do not even feel that there are other customers around. This is a big advantage compared to some other brunch restaurants with way too loud singers, kinky performers and 1000 people.

For 398RMB + 10%service fee, you get two A LA CARTE main dishes and one dessert  [either brunch type dishes such as Egg Benedict, Omelet or Risotto, Burgers…] AND the whole buffet. It is a total food debauchery and it is hard to refrain to eat everything and keep some spaces for the rest of the brunch.
I chose the egg Benedict with salmon and the Risotto as main dishes.

The service is also stunning and really discreet.

Althogether, Brunch at the Jing’An was a total success and I will make sure to go back, but next time I will head to the Spa right after in order to relax from a way too tiring brunch. Oh, life is hard!


1 Changde Lu, near Yan’An Lu
+86 21 3203 9999


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