Mercato, Shanghai, China

A newcomer at the ever-buzzing Three On The Bund Mercato is an italian restaurant owned by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who also owns Nougatine and Jean-Georges on the 4th floor of the same building.

The restaurant is built as a big open space, which aim is to give a farm / countryside atmosphere. There is a pizza bar where you can seat and appreciate pizzaïolos performances, preparing their exquisite pizzas or you can go for more intimacy, with private tables and a stunning view on the Bund and the Lujiazui skyscrapers.

The restaurant was designed by Neri & Hu, whom also did Table N1 and Capo (Mercato’s competitor? ). The result is a cosy and modern atmosphere.

The downside of large spaces’ conviviality is the noise, it is quite loud; making it a bit inconvenient to talk. Maybe it is a trick so you shut up, eat and savor the food. Smarty pants they are!

Talking about the food, you will enjoy it for sure, especially if you are one of those expats craving for some European food that is tasty and not only overpriced but it won’t blow your mind though.

We were also quite lost regarding the Menu, not really understanding the differences between Crudo, Appetizers and the Entrees. So just a hint : the Entrees are actually the main courses ( yes, if you speak French you will understand my confusion here).

One last advice : if you decide to go for the beef ribs and you are hungry (and I don’t mean starving, like you haven’t had real piece of meat for months, just regular hungry), don’t share it (it is supposed to be a serving for two) as it is quite small.

Overall, this is a good bet for italian food at a decent price (especially for a restaurant on the Bund in this high-end foodie building that is Three On the Bund) in a really nice setting. You won’t be deceived but the best Italian is yet to come (on my next post!)

Highly recommending the Crusted Eggplant Parmesan and the desserts. Sweet Tooth there you go!






IMG_4538 Bread & ChilliIMG_4539 IMG_4541 Tuna saladIMG_4542 Seafood SaladIMG_4545  Beef ribs and PolentaIMG_4547   Crusted Eggplants ParmesanIMG_4548

Mercato at Three On the Bund, 6th Floor, Guangdong Lu 17, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu

外滩三号6楼, 广东路17号,近中山东一路


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