Le Saleya, Shanghai, China

Craving for some french food and a nice “brasserie” atmosphere, I headed to Le Saleya with some friends.
I went there almost two years ago and was satisfied with the experience, so I decided to give it a second try.

First I was disappointed to find out that their dinner deal (starter & Main / Main & Dessert) for less than 200 RMB had disappeared.

Second, I was really surprised when the waiter just left the bottle of wine on the table and did not pour the wine on our glasses. Except for the “wine pouring issue”, the atmosphere was nice and cosy, and yes really French also; which you will define good or not, according to your tastes.

The food was tasty and the Chocolate Fondant definitely fueled my sweet tooth… for one night…


Image Tartare and mashed potatoesImagePumpkin SoupImageDuck BreastImageImageProfiterollesImageChocolate Fondant

Le Saleya, 570 Changle Road, Xiangyang Road, Shanghai  Phone Number : 54036957



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