Sweet tooth in Taipei

Taipei is a foodie paradise. I rapidly got obsessed by the night markets, endless alleys of stalls displaying exquisite food. I was not brave enough to try the infamous stinky tofu or the grilled earthworm though.

My favorite discovery? Definitely the curry dumplings, a real must-try. And I am BIG on dumplings and tried thousands different kinds. Those are to die for,

On top of all the delicious food I sampled, I headed to JiaoShi 尖石 to experience the Hot Springs, a traditional health and beauty ritual; where you pamper yourself, first by burning bathing in a 42 degrees water followed by a mind-numbing 0 degree bath, and YES you do feel good afterwards.

Also ranking high in my list, the Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park 華山1914文創園區 and The Red House Theater 萬華區, where you can have a taste of the innovative and young vibe that characterizes Taipei.

Except the terrible weather (it was pouring rain non-stop), Taipei is a vibrant city inhabited by kind-hearted people and a pleasant place to live. Next destination to call “home” for a while? Who knows, but with the curry dumplings and the freshly-squeezed fruit juices I could see myself there.




One thought on “Sweet tooth in Taipei

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