Ultra Violet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai, China

“An Ultra diner”

For those who like shows, spotlight and original experiences, take your sunglasses and go for an UV session. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

The venue in a mix of French tastes, Asian influence and American showtime. The relax atmosphere fosters conviviality and keeps you entertained through the 20-meal journey, all paired with exquisite and tasteful wines.
Teasing all your five senses, Paul Pairet takes you to another dimension in which you will witness a creative and mouth-watering dinner experience.

I will not spoil all the fun and will only release a glimpse of what to expect.
A brilliant idea, a true discovery and a great final result. You end up with the feeling of taking part to a unique gluttony masterpiece.

I have to say that I was slightly disappointed of not having the chance to meet with Chef Pairet, the skillful food magician behind this culinary experience.

A sweettooth recommandation!


Note: The restaurant was ranked 8th among Asia 50 best restaurants which I think might be a bit too overrated.

 IMG_0454 IMG_0449 IMG_0429 IMG_0510



Ultra Violet
Departing from Mr and Ms Bund

Wagas, Shanghai, China

Spread all around Shanghai, Wagas is a great mix of relatively good food and pleasant atmosphere. Its sister chain “Baker and Spice” also offers the same type of food and services.

While pasta and sandwiches will get you fairly satisfied, my sweet tooth is always disappointed by the pastries that are dry and tasteless. However, for those out there craving for some pains au chocolat or croissants, I guess Wagas will do the trick.

Smoothies are tasty and innovative (especially the Wagas one) but far too expensive. (more than 40RMB).

It is also a good place to study some of your Chinese characters or to get some work done.

Come before 10:00 AM and you will get 50% off your breakfast and some sandwiches for lunch.


IMG_5315 IMG_5317 IMG_5316ImageImageImage

Kaiba Tap House, Shanghai, China

Beer Lovers Alert!

Hidden in the Taikang terrace, this is THE place to enjoy Belgian lagers, light or brown ale.

The atmosphere is laid back and casual! Kaiba is a nice alternative to the swarning Thai, Vietnamese and Italian restaurants of Tianzifang.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they have mussels – YES they do. So mussels and beers, who is in?



Mussels And French Fries


The Cheese Sandwich


The Burger

Kaiba Tap House
Taikang Terrace, 2nd floor, 169 Jianguo Zhong Lu, Ruijin Er Lu, Shanghai, China
021 6418 2252

M on the Bund, Shanghai, China

M on the Bund is a Shanghai institution. While dining on the terrace during the hot summer nights is truly an amazing experience, the inside dining room will do during the freezing Shanghai winters.

Start the adventure with a Lychee Martini at the Glamour bar on the 6th floor, also a Michelle Garnaut Signature (an Australian pioneer food entrepreneur in China) before heading to the 7th floor to indulge yourself with some traditional French dishes.

Special mention to the Pavlova, which particularly got sweettooth attention!


For the lucky ones traveling to Beijing, do try Capital M, Beijing answer to M on the Bund, boasting an unbeatable view on the Tian’an’men square.



M on the Bund
7th floor, 5 Guangdong lu, Zhongshan dong yi lu, Shanghai, China
021 6350 9988

Hunan Dishes, Hunan Province, China

Hunan Province is famously known for its cuisine (well, like almost all the other 22 Chinese provinces). The  Chinese New Year break was the perfect opportunity to taste some of it.

Well, I was not disappointed. From Changsha to Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang, Hunan offers a wide variety of dishes from bamboo chicken, duck blood and eggplants. Food was our relief after climbing freezing mountains  (Zhangjiajie – the ones that are said to have inspired Avatar) and boating around China little Venice (Fenghuang).

The desserts were a miss – all about colors rather than taste but with such delicious mains, we were already “chibao”.




Hunan, Changsha, Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang

Casa 13, Shanghai, China

Taikang Road or Tianzifang, call it as it pleases you, is packed with international restaurants, most of them offering great venues but average food.

Casa 13, stuck in a small alley, is an exception and got the right mix. The restaurant is housed in a charming townhouse with a cosy bar area on the ground floor and the restaurant spread on the three upper floors.

The lunch deal gets you one starter/one main or one main/one dessert with a glass of wine or soft drink as well as coffee and tea for RMB88.
The food is tasty and well presented and the complimentary bread will give you a great start. The service was discreet but a bit slow, even though we were the only customers.

It was my first time and I will surely not make it my last. Heard their brunch was great – a good reason to go back. Stay tuned!


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBeef CarpaccioImagePumpkin SoupImage


Casa 13
Tianzifang, lane 155, Jianguo middle road, Ruijin Road, Shanghai, China
田子坊,弄155号,建国中路, 瑞金路,上海, 中国

Pizza Marzano, Xintiandi Branch, Shanghai, China

Pizza Marzano is Shanghai’s answer to Italian restaurant chains. Imported from UK-based Pizza Express restaurant, the food is said to be Italian but you truly feel the strong English accent (thick crust, dough balls). The portions are big and the dough balls with Nutella are the most worthy diet blunder you could make. A sweettooth favorite!

However, Italian foodistas do not expect to be turned on. For a truly Italian experience yet less expensive head to Salute – but yes you wont find better Nutella dough balls around Shanghai.

We had dinner at the Xintiandi branch and I am not really fond of the decoration: impersonal and dull with bad lighting. It is a good place to hit before a movie night at the nearby UME Cinemas.


ImageInsalata verdeImageGarlic BreadImageBaked Dough ballsImagePenne All’ArrabbiataImageSpaghetti CarbonaraImageFarfalle ai FunghiIMG_4908Dough Balls with Nutella

Pizza Marzano
Xintiandi South Block, Huangpi South Road, Xingye Road, Shanghai, China
新天地,南里,黄陂南路, 兴业路,上海,中国

The Glamour Bar, Shanghai, China

In a city where bars abound, it is often hard to find the right place offering both tasteful cocktails (or at least without fake alcohol) and a pleasant ambiance. A place where good music but where you can actually talk without bursting the eardrum of your friend.

Well, look no further and head straight to The Glamour Bar.
Founded by Michelle Garnaut, the very same owner of M on the Bund and Beijing Capital M, The Glamour Bar recipe is as perfect as its cocktails’ ones – chic yet laid back, lively yet soothing. Oh, did I forget to mention that there is a stunning view on the Pudong skyline that you can freely admire from the plush and comfy club sofas.

Tips: The Lichee Martini is to-die-for!

A real Glamour(ous) experience and a SweettoothinChina favorite!


IMG_4711 IMG_4712 IMG_4715 IMG_4720 IMG_4721 IMG_4722 IMG_4723

The Glamour Bar
5 on the Bund, 6th Floor
20, Guangdong road, Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai, China
广东20号,中山东一路, 上海,中国

Dr. Wine, Shanghai, China

A welcoming atmosphere and an extensive wine selection are to be expected at Dr Wine. Pizza, pasta and cheese platters – for the homesick Frenchies and Swiss – will satiate your hunger.

A nice place to catch up with friends around a good glass of wine!

Tip: Try to book as the place is often crowded.




Four Season Pizza IMG_4875 Four cheese PizzaIMG_4874Beef & Cheese Pizza IMG_4872

Pesto Penne IMG_4870Cheese Bruschetta  IMG_4869  Salmon, Tuna and Tomato&Mozzarella verrines

Dr. Wine
177, Fumin road, Julu Road, Shanghai, China
177号富民路,巨鹿路, 上海,中国

New York Style Steak and Burger, Shanghai, China

Winner of Shanghai best burger contest, beating Malone’s, Munchies, Carls’ and Bubba’s; I was dying to know what NY Style Steak and Burger was really worth.

And well, I was not disappointed to say the least.

Located in a three-story house in Tianzifang maze, the restaurant is kept simple and the service is slow but we are not here to talk about minor details.

Well, the burgers. THE burgers.
The animals are stuffy, big, with a delicious barbecue sauce poured all over and therefore impossible to eat without staining your white shirt (yes, you always wear a white shirt when eating this type of impossible-to-eat-without-staining-myself food).  French fries are also provided in case you can gulp down more.

Not brave enough to try The Manhattan Monster, I ordered a tasty Damn Yankee, which completely satisfied my hunger for the two following days.  I have to say that I was a bit coveting my friends’ fried onions which were cruelly lacking in mine.

New York Style Steak and Burger will completely fuel your appetite of greasy and unhealthy food but I cannot say it is the best burger of Shanghai. Next stop; Bubba’s?



The Big BlueImageThe Mushroom SwissImageThe Brooklyn BarbecueImage

The Damn Yankee

New York Style Steak and Burger
Tianzifang, 22, lane 55 Jianguo Middle Road, Ruijin Road, Shanghai, China
+86 2164736070